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Hey Bombers and Bombshells!

High Quality Ankara brand Enadia Igbin, known as ShopEnadia recently debuted their latest collection, called Bullets.

The brand showcased this collection at the just concluded Africa Fashion Week London 2023, on the 28th of October and the colors, cuts and attention to details simply left the audience in awe.

Founder Enakpodia Igbinoghene writes, “The Bullets collection was inspired by difficulties/challenges we have to deal with in silence and the journey to overcoming.” 

“The struggles of life comes in stages and could be difficult to go through, especially if you are doing it alone. Economic crises, business failures, cost of living and housing. It is endless.”

“There is a lot happening we barely have control over. But this is a collection for growth, overcoming triumph, and looking gorgeous while at it!! 

The collection includes padding, weave detailing, and lace, fabricated to express the highs, lows, and twists of life.

Flower cuts express beauty in the midst of darkness, and how we bloom in the light.

Igbinoghene concludes, “Simply put: A story about struggles, the journey to triumph, and looking gorgeous in the midst of it all.”

We love it! See anything you like?

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