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Now that Fall is officially here, we can finally indulge in the most luscious knits, and take our looks up a notch with designer Ricki Brazil, who’s exceptional collection is now available at Fashion Bomb Daily Shop.

As you probably already know, Fashion Bomb daily shop has become the ultimate destination for fashionistas to add the most stylish and emerging designers to their wardrobe, and many will be pleased to shop Ricki Brazil’s line that was delightfully created and specially assorted.

Photo Credit: Ricki Brazil

As we fall-forward into a new season, this nude Ricki Brazil Country Club Midi Knit Wrap Dress serves as the perfect transitional dress, offering contrasting hues and an asymmetrical hem.

Whether you’re going on a lunch date with a girlfriend, or it’s date night with your handsome bae, you can easily pair this look with an ankle or thigh high boot.

Photo Credit: Ricki Brazil

Similarly, the Frayed Patchwork Rugby Stripe Dress is the perfect ensemble for fashionistas who love neutral tones with hints of color.

The knit buttons along the hood of the dress adds a whimsical touch, and the frayed hems elevates the dress and maximizes the details.

Photo Credit: Ricki Brazil

For those of you who spent all summer working out and defining your body for those sizzling hot beach days, you’ll be pleased to show off your toned abs with the Ricki Brazil Blue Crop Top and Skirt Set that will command attention in any room you walk in.

Whether you opt to layer the blue crop top over a long sleeve white shirt for a ‘Clueless’ vibe, or you choose to where an oversize sweater with the high slit skirt for a cozy look, with this set, you have the option to use each piece interchangeably.

Photo Credit: Ricki Brazil

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it actually did with the Ricki Brazil Red Knit Dress, that is so on trend for Fall and has craftsmanship that is spot on.

If you’re looking to exude sex appeal, and are not afraid to wear a bold and saturated hue, then this dress is undoubtedly for you.

Photo Credit: Ricki Brazil

The functional 3D pouch and asymmetrical front net overlay make this dress both modern and distinguishable. Talk about stealing the spotlight because if anyones bound to set the room ablaze, it certainly will be you in this stunning red knit dress.

Photo Credit: Ricki Brazil

To Shop Ricki Brazil’s collection at Fashion Bomb Daily Shop, you can click HERE.

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