Prime Video Reveals Cast for Animated Series

During its New York Comic-Con panel for its upcoming shows, Prime Video revealed the full cast for its animated musical series, Hazbin Hotel. Based on the popular 2019 YouTube video from creator Vivienne Medrano, the streamer first teased the A24-backed series at the end of September.

In the lead role is Erika Henningsen as Charlie Morningstar, the daughter of Lucifer who decides to open a hotel in Hell as a way to help souls get redeemed so they can ascend into Heaven and reduce the underworld’s population. Henningsen is best known for leading Broadway’s musical version of Mean Girls, experience which will come in handy since Hazbin will contain musical sequences. Encanto’s Stephanie Beatriz will voice Vaggie, Charlie’s girlfriend who helps run the hotel.

Hazbin Hotel – Happy Day in Hell | Prime Video

Other key cast members include Keith David as the hotel bartender Husk; Amir Talai (American Dad) as the radio demon Alastor; Alex Brightman (Dead End: Paranormal Park) as Sir Pentious, a Victorian era demon trying to be modern; and Kimiko Glenn (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) as hotel worker Nifty. Joel Perez (Tick, Tick…Boom!) and Christian Borle (Smash) respectively voice the demons Valentino and Vox. And finally, Blake Roman (Blue Bloods) will voice Angel Dust, an adult film star and the first damned soul Charlie and company attempt to redeem.

Along with the main cast reveal, Prime Video showed off a musical number for the show. Beyond the singing, the sequence underlines how much Charlie’s got her work cut out for her in culling Hell’s populace, especially since the place is just in constant chaotic disarray, citizens are gleefully murdering one another in the street or just openly having sex in their houses for anyone to see.

Hazbin Hotel will hit Prime Video in 2024.

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