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Prospective brides while planning their wedding ceremony always use the phrase, “I want it to be everything I dreamed for,” to describe the type of memories they want to create and how close to perfection they want every aspect of the event to be. Memories created on wedding days are part of what spices up a marriage, and Aladukeh’s effort to reimagine bridal wear and create a collection that boasts of diversity, elegance, glamour, and authenticity, may have given brides a new lease on the bridal experience to look forward to. Earlier this week, Aladukeh launched Russet, The bridal Collection, and everything about the event is an improvement on the standards for which fashion exhibitions are hosted and an irresistible procession of beauty.

Russet, The Bridal Collection, adds an extra dimension to bridal wear. The intentionality with which the fabrics were sourced and the colours chosen to make a great march exposed one to a different idea of how to make the bride central to the event. It further takes us away from the stereotype of brides using whites mainly for their dresses and gowns. In the real sense of it, this approach by Aladukeh takes us closer to the essence of the African culture and a reinvention of the original bridal styles. Each piece of apparel in the collection represents a culture/tribe in Nigeria, and the use of different types of models to showcase them, in complexion, size, and height, establishes the fact that Aladukeh created a collection that personalizes every bride’s look, idea and desire. 

In terms of style, each design was distinct. The fact that no two designs had similar features is laudable. Also, the choice of fabrics paid homage to the Nigerian culture. It would have been interesting to see some of the dresses done with cheaper choices of fabrics though, but, understandably, Aladukeh was trying to manifest luxury through and through. The versatility of each design to be worn in multiple ways is very exciting, it also solves the issue of having limited use for a bridal dress once the wedding is over. Aladukeh’s range for this collection is very impressive. It wasn’t limited to the brides alone, it also showcased designs for the bridal train – for simplicity and sophistication. 

Russet, The Bridal Collection is neatly stitched and fitted. A closer examination of the dresses on the models and their demeanours reflected comfort. The event itself was a thrilling performance of art and a showcase of culture through fashion as it hosted several artists and fashion professionals who were entertained with the delight of live music after the presentations. Popular actress, Eniola Ajao took part on the runway too. The entire show aligned with the collection as every aspect of it was themed to look like a wedding and all the guests looked amazing. Aladukeh has raised the bar with this creative invention, and there is no doubt that there are others who will be looking to build on the success of the launch and the splendour of the collection.

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Images: Felix Crown

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