Mother & Daughter Duo Natasha Anderson and Khadija Imara are Revolutionizing the Hair Industry with their Original UnBraider Tool – Fashion Bomb Daily

Revolutionary, noteworthy and unconventional would describe the Original UnBraider tool that has changed the trajectory of taking down your braids.

While many of us enjoy the beauty and convenience of getting our hair braided, we often dread the take down process which can take anywhere from hours to days. Now there is a tool that enables you to take down up to 8 braids at one time.

To alleviate and minimize such a tedious and time-consuming task, Founder Natasha Anderson created the Original UnBraider tool in 2004 to find a more effective way of taking down her daughters braids.

Photo Credit: IG/ Reproduction

After taking a hiatus from her business, in 2021 Anderson’s daughter Khadija Imara stepped up to assume the role of CEO and relaunched it in February 2023 because she saw the high-demand for the UnBraider ,and knew that it could benefit our community.

Photo Credit: IG/ Reproduction

For a while weaves were in and there weren’t as many people wearing braids, but now there’s a renaissance of natural hair, and a celebration of the protective styles so I though it would be amazing to bring back a company that focuses on that,” Imara told Fashion Bomb Daily.

After releasing a video in the beginning of the year showcasing how to utilize the innovative tool, the video went viral, amassing over 4-million views and received positive feedback, calling for the need of the Original UnBraider.

“No one has a comb yet like we do to brush out braids,” expressed Imara. “The maximum amount of braids that a customer can take out using our comb is 8 braids, however the smaller the braids, the more you can get in there which is a great time reduction.”

Photo Credit: IG/ Reproduction

In addition to the Original UnBraider, Imara is focused on the expansion of her business and reach, and also offers a Comb out Spray Conditioner and No Itch Shampoo which she hopes will one day be easily accessible at local retailers.

“The root of the product was to be helpful in taking down braids, but I would always like to point out that it’s a product that we wanted for our community by our community,” said Imara. “Our alliance, resources and beauty innovations are often admired by others but are not always put in the best position for us to all succeed.”

With an emphasis on community, Imara’s intentions is to serve as a catalyst and corner stone for Hair Stylist or take-down businesses to become more profitable simply with the use of a $27.99 comb.

“I would love to be able to share our success and make our success other peoples success to pay it forward as that’s always been our mission and the root of what we stand for,” concluded Imara.

To Shop the UnOriginal UnBraider, you can click here, and to see demonstrations, you can follow them on their Instagram page @The_UnBraider.

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