Kendall Jenner and Beau Bad Bunny Become the Latest Gucci Ambassadors – Fashion Bomb Daily

They say not to mix business with pleasure, however when you are as hot as Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny, of course the business endorsements are going to roll in, and Gucci is the first to secure the duo.

That’s right! The Italian brand has named Jenner and Bad Bunny as their latest brand ambassadors and of course they did so in the most flamboyant way.

Photo Credit: @Gucci

The pair who’ve we seen court side at basketball games, and boo’d up at Drake’s concert, posed at an airport fully dripped in Gucci from head-to-toe for Gucci’s Valigeria Campaign.

The Puerto Rican rapper who has quickly become a global superstar, took notes from his supermodel bae and looked effortless as he walked off an elevator in a white and green Gucci logo embroidered cotton jersey sweatshirt that was styled with flare frayed jeans.

Contrary, Jenner looked like the chicest school girl in a Gucci plaid trench coat, brown logo mini skirt and black Gucci loafers.

Most notable, and identifiable was the luxurious heritage infused luggage that Jenner and Bad Bunny modeled from Gucci’s Savory collection that looked so posh.

Photo Credit: @Gucci

In another shot we saw the fairly new couple, dressed in black-on-Black with hints of white as Bad Bunny endearingly wrapped his arms around Kendall who sat on top of cart full of Gucci luggage.

When we first saw Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny photo’d together, we were not sure if they would last because they come from polar opposite backgrounds, however their chemistry in Gucci’s latest ad, has definitely show the couple’s potential.

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