Holiday Gifts: The Trendsetter – Julia Berolzheimer

When it comes to holiday gifts for the trendsetter, the key is to find items that balance trend with a timeless appeal. The trendsetter’s gift should be the one that nods to future trends while maintaining a classic edge—like a pair of designer heels with a sleek design, or a handbag that breaks the mold with its glittery silhouette but remains versatile enough for various occasions. These gifts aren’t about loud branding; they’re about discerning quality and design that will remain relevant and admired well into the future.

These leather trim mesh mary jane flats are a fashionable and comfortable choice for the trendsetter who appreciates a modern twist on classic style.

For the fashion-forward trendsetter, this gold callchain crossbody is a must-have accessory that combines chic design and practicality.

A statement piece like this knot detail velvet handbag would make a stunning gift for the modern fashionista with timeless taste.

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