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Try not to be spooked that today is Friday, the 13th however if you’re superstitious and into the thrill of being frightened, then October is the month for you as Halloween is less than 3-weeks away.

If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween costume, and don’t want to spend a fortune or run the risk of your favorite costume selling out at Spirit, make sure you order your Halloween costume from Fashion Nova.

Photo Credit: @fashionnova

Whether you’re picking a theme for you and your bae, like Jasmine & Aladdin, or Fred and Wilma Flintstone , or perhaps you need a standout costume to turn heads, Fashion Nova has a wide assortment of stylish costumes.

Photo Credit: @fashionnova

Ahead, see costume ideas that Fashion Nova is offering for the women that wants to look glamorous yet sexy.

This Mermaid one-piece is a fun costume for someone who would like to show off their curves in a fun and playful way. The pearl accents adds a dynamic touch and we love how the model opted for iridescent heels that paired perfectly with the fish scales on the costume.

The fact that there is a costume called “In Your DMs Detective” shows the evolution of costumes in the world of social media, and if you are someone who loves to spy from time to time, then this costume could be perfect for you. After all, rapper Yo Gotti did say, “It goes down in the DMs.”

If 2023 was a theme, we definitely can say that it was dedicated to the Barbie era, and if you’re still in a Barbie world, then this Fashion Nova costume would be ideal for you. From the light pink shirt, fuchsia cardigan and black mini skirt, I’m sure this is how Ken would wan’t you to pull up to the Halloween party.

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