Claire Sulmers Takes on Paris Fashion Week in Rick Owens, Givenchy, Harbison Studio, Fashion Bomb Daily Shop, Kwame Adusei & More – Fashion Bomb Daily

Fashion Bomb CEO, Claire Sulmers went from standing outside of Paris Fashion Week as young adult, wishing and hoping to one day be apart of the wondrous shows, to officially being in the inner circle and invited to some of the most iconic shows that Paris Fashion Week has to offer.

After wrapping up New York Fashion Week where she hosted her annual the Bomb Fashion Show, alongside Nene Leakes, Sulmers hopped on a plain like the Jetsetter that she is, to arrive to the land of the fluffiest croissants and richest escargot.

Her first runway show in Paris this trip around the sun, was the Givenchy show where she opted for a black Givenchy patent leather body suit that she belted, and paired with black Givenchy patent leather stiletto boots. She layered her look with a leather cropped Moto jacket.

Photo Credit: @Sterlingpics

After the Givenchy show, she changed clothes and headed to the fantastical Rick Owens runway show in a $2,140 black Rick Owens Prong Leather Maxi Dress dress that she layered with her black Kwame Adusei Moto jacket.

Similar to her black Givenchy shoes, she paired her Rick Owens ensemble with silver metallic stiletto boots and oversized shades.

Photo Credit: @abdulrahmanh

The next day, Claire stepped away from black on black, and bloomed in an amaranth pink Rick Owens bodycon dress, and a brown snakeskin The Attico trench coat that she accessorized with bronze metallic lace-up sandals and YSL tortoise shades.

Photo Credit: @Sterlingpics

Sulmers was able to grab lunch with some of her favorite people including Nicole Babb who she grabbed a bite with at L’Avenue, the designer of jitrois Paris, Jean-Claude jitrois and Fashion Bomb daily shop designers, Bruce & Glen.

Photo Credit: @Sterlingpics

When it came down to the Akris show that showcased florals and fringe galore, Claire returned to black in a Harbison Studio dress that had bold gold buttons down the front.

“I loved the fringed skirts, and easy serpents at Akris,” said Sulmers. ” The new asymmetrical silhouettes at Givenchy were amazing.”

Photo Credit: @onetakestace

Similar to her New York girlfriend Priya Shukla who she reunited with in Paris, Sulmers wore a pointed toe heel and gold statement earrings while posing in front of some the most beautifully sculpted and architectural buildings.

Photo Credit: @meticul0so

On Sulmers last night in Paris, she attended a Kilian Paris party to celebrate their new fragrance called Smoking Hot where she wore a $1,175 Rick Owens Abito strapless iridescent coated stretch-denim gown with metallic boots and her mini Hermes handbag.

Photo Credit: @Sterlingpics

She indulged in all the festivities with Bruce & Glen and many other friends and was able to end her last night in Paris on a high note.

“I love Paris Fashion Week and it is always wonderful to come back,” exclaimed Sulmers.

Photo Credit: @Mikaelselassi

As you can see, Claire Sulmers has evolved into a prominent fashion connoisseur, and each year she continues to elevate and perpetuate that she is in fact a fashionable force to be reckoned with.

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