CHUNKY KNIT SWEATER: How to Style this Fall Staple

The chunkier the better! When it comes to fall fashion, I adore a chunky knit sweater. Whether it’s a big and bold cable knit crewneck, a thick sweater dress, or a stylish cardigan, it’s always a “yes” for me! I love styling and re-styling all of these pieces. Today’s post is for my fellow chunky sweater lovers. I am going to feature some of my favorite pieces currently on the market, and share how I would style them! For additional sweater inspiration, check out my posts on the fisherman sweater, Zara cardigan favorites, and five sweaters I love.

Chunky Knit Sweater Favorites

With fall in full swing and winter right around the corner, brands are releasing new chunky knit sweater pieces daily. I’m certainly not complaining! But, it can be a bit tricky to narrow it down and choose sweaters that are classic, stylish, and high quality. So, I did some browsing this week…some might call it shopping, but I like to call it research for the blog! Here are the top chunky sweater pieces I came across and some ideas on styling each.

Crewneck Sweaters

I am kicking it off with a chunky knit sweater that I would consider a staple, this cashmere crewneck. It is a slightly oversized fit, making it comfortable without being sloppy. It is also a thickened gauge. However, I think this style strikes the right balance between being substantial without being overwhelming. Personally, I would love this chunky sweater paired back with either these beautiful green corduroy pants or this plaid skirt (very affordable!) and these riding boots. A little tip – Don’t be afraid to layer sweaters like this over a cool collar or a tissue-weight turtleneck! 

If you are a crew gal, a few of my other favorites this year include this gorgeous cherry red cable knit, this neutral oversized sweater, and this beautiful and affordable marigold knit.

Chunky Knit Sweater Dress

I can’t share about sweaters without highlighting some favorite dresses! Although a dress may not be the first piece that comes to mind in this category, a chunky knit sweater dress will forever be a classic option!

Currently, my two favorites are this mini short-sleeve sweater dress and this tea-length cable knit dress. Both pieces are so different but so versatile. Personally, I would layer the mini dress over this button-down top and pair it with these loafer pumps, these high socks, and this oversized blazer draped over my shoulders. For the midi dress, I would lean into a more Western theme. It would look great matched back to this black belt and these Western ankle booties. Side note…If you love the Western trend, you may want to check out my post on how to style cowboy boots!

Chunky Cardigans

In my opinion, cardigans never go out of style. And right now they happen to be super trendy, which makes them such a fun category to shop! There are currently SO many good ones to choose from. I had a hard time selecting only a few chunky knit sweater favorites! However, I was able to narrow it down to my top three – this incredible oversized open cardigan, this classic, yet contemporary cardigan, and this shrunken cardigan. These open chunky sweater options are so fun because they almost act like a coat! They look incredible paired with straight-leg jeans and a fun top. They also layer so well over a beautiful fall dress!

Your Questions, Answered

Whenever I post about sweaters, I often get asked many of the same questions. These include how to care for sweaters, tips for layering, and how to accessorize them. So I thought I’d give these questions a permanent spot here on the blog!

How to Care for a Chunky Knit Sweater

I’ve found that the finer the gauge and the nicer the material (cashmere, I’m looking at you), the more care the chunky knit sweater will require. This is due to the fact that these types of materials tend to pill more. I use this fabric depiller and it is fantastic. It is affordable and easily removes lint and piling without damaging the material.

When I am not wearing a sweater, I like to store it in a sweater storage bag with cedar. The cedar chips help ensure moths and other bugs stay away. I definitely do not recommend hanging up sweaters, as this tends to stretch them and can ruin their shape.

When it comes time to clean a chunky sweater, I use a detergent specifically formulated for wool and cashmere. I think this is important because the detergent cleans well while also going easy on the fibers.

Bottoms to Pair with a Chunky Knit Sweater

There are so many great options for bottoms beyond just jeans. This is something I love about a chunky knit sweater – You can create many different outfits from one piece!

Some of my current favorite pants include these trending cargos (a very affordable option!), these extremely comfy kick flare pants, or these pants that I own in multiple colors. If you are more of a denim gal, these cropped jeans and these straight jeans would look amazing back to a chunky sweater. And if you are looking for a skirt option, I love the idea of pairing a mini skirt and knee-high boots with a big sweater. If the sweater happens to be more of a cropped or shrunken style, it could look elegant paired with a midi skirt and embellished flats!

How to Accessorize

This is such a great question because the options are endless! I normally stay away from wearing a necklace with a chunky knit sweater, as the neckline is typically quite bulky. This, however, makes earrings a great option for accessorizing! Some of my favorites on the market right now are these, these, and these! If you are looking for an option that is stunning, but a little more subdued, I just got these and I love them!

How to Layer a Chunky Knit Sweater

Wondering how to layer a chunky sweater in the frigid cold? As you know, I love playing with layers, and an oversized sweater is no exception! For added warmth, I opt for placing the sweater on top of a concealed layer or a tissue-weight turtleneck. I also love adding a collared shirt underneath as a nod to prep!

Sweater Weather

I hope you’re feeling inspired to grab a favorite chunky knit sweater and dress it up (or down) this season! If you’re a cool weather lover, you might also enjoy my Zara cardigan favorites, the five fall sweaters I’ll be wearing this month, and a focus on the fisherman sweater.

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