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Attention Everyone: Beyonce has officially launched her new perfume called “Cé Noir.”

In a recent video posted on Instagram showing off her new fragrance, the Grammy-winning singer said, “I’m super excited. This is my “Cé Noir” unboxing, and it’s finally here after years of work. I wanted something to be monolithic, and I wanted something to have a little bit of intimacy. So right here, you can see inside the soul of the perfume.”

Designed with elegance, the fragrance bottle features chrome casing with a small glass circle on the back, that displays the perfume inside. According to the website, the fragrance notes include clementine, golden honey, rose absolute, jasmine sambac, Namibian myrrh and golden amber.

Photo Credit: Beyonce.Com

Proud to be a black women, it is no surprise that the “Brown Skin Girl” singer named her new fragrance “Ce Noir,” as it’s French for “This Black,” or “This Blackness,” and hints at Beyonce pro-black stance.

Not to mention that the French name adds a touch of luxury and charm to the fragrance, reflecting Beyoncé’s global appeal.

Photo Credit: IG/Reproduction

Beyonce has been in her bag all year long and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In fact, following her world tour in honor of her seventh album, “Renaissance,” she released the trailer for her upcoming concert film, “Renaissance: A Film By Beyonce.”

This film will not only document the process of the tour but it will showcase never before scenes of Beyonce, her preparation, and moments with her family while touring as a mother of 3. This film will make fans feel more connected to Beyonce as an artist, performer, and human being.

Preorders for Cé Noir are currently available for $160.00, with shipping set to begin in November, just in time for stocking stuffing season.

Bombshells, would you splurge?

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