19 Practical Gift Ideas for New Parents and Their Babies

I love babies (especially my babies!), and I love gear, but I don’t particularly like Baby Gear (TM). Especially if your friend is a first-time parent, a lot of baby gear is specifically designed to trip the paranoia trigger in their lizard brain. It’s cute, and what if your baby really needs it? “Yes, a wipe warmer!” they think, only to find it in their closet years later.

But parenting a new baby comes with a bunch of logistical problems, like stuffed-up noses and sleepless nights. If you’re gifting for a new parent, these are some of our favorite innovative solutions to make the gross, grueling parts of parenthood just a little easier. Members of our Gear Team have tried them all. And yes, some of them are pretty cute.

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Updated for November 2023: We’ve updated this guide with new picks, including the FridaBaby Electric Nose Aspirator, Aura Carver digital photo frame, Beis Diaper Pack, and more.

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Jeffrey Van Camp and Nena Farrell contributed to this guide.

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